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Are you planning to receive funding and government support?

Complex solutions for business from the consulting company KRISPINO

We will professionally accompany the process of attracting the most profitable financing:
we will select the most optimal form of financing, will form a package of documents, will prepare a business plan and marketing research, will conduct an audit. When ordering our services - the development of a unique website as a gift!

Our advantages
We accompany clients at all stages of project implementation from concept creation to business exit.
Continuous growth

Our experienced professionals will help to your business grow up by introducing high quality standards, confidentiality and accountability. We will provide comprehensive support for projects from idea to implementation. Our main mission is to help Russian business grow and develop.

Saving time and money

Saving the client's efforts and time, low probability of refusal, full support of the negotiation process, assistance in collecting documents - these are the advantages of work that make cooperation with us a profitable and rational solution. The company's specialists will help  to carry out credit transactions correctly, using the existing measures of state support for projects and attracting the necessary guarantees.

Extensive work experience

Our experience speaks for us. Over 20 years of work in the Russian market, our highly qualified specialists and experts involved have implemented many successful projects and helped thousands of satisfied customers, both small and medium-sized businesses and large corporations, become more successful.

Knowledge of the best forms of financing
and government support measures

We will help you make the right choice from a variety of existing financing and government support options, taking into account their advantages and disadvantages. Our experts can provide irreplaceable assistance in choosing the most profitable financing.

Individual approach

.Each company we work with has its own concept and needs. We provide unique services individually for each Client. We prefer an integrated approach to solving problems and prioritizing the interests of our Clients. Our main task is to find and satisfy the needs of the client.

Understanding of the business concept

Our goal is to help your business, your customers and partners. We will help you analyze past stages and predict future ones, understand your place in the world and in the market. In our company employs highly qualified employees with extensive experience. We closely monitor all business trends and respond to changes in time, helping to the client to make the right management decisions.

Why us?
We see what others do not notice!
Our services
We provide consulting services for the implementation of any ambitious ideas, for any business, at any stage of its development.
Business planning and financial modeling

Technical and economic rationale is drawn up to evaluate projects with a small amount of funding. The financial model contains detailed forecast information on production volumes, sales, cash flows, net profit, etc., as well as project performance indicators. A business plan for financing organizations, for obtaining loans, government funding, includes a financial model and a detailed textual part with market analysis and risk assessment.

Marketing research

Marketing research in various business sectors, including:
market capacity assessment; calculation of the actual and / or planned market share; analysis of the demand for a product or a group of products; analysis of the satisfaction of the target group of consumers; analysis of competitors and monitoring of their activities; analysis of the effectiveness of advertising activity; analysis of imports and exports in the context of goods, commodity groups, countries, consumers and producers; proposal for recommendations to change the assortment policy; analysis of consumer properties of goods.

Attraction of financing and state support

Providing support in the process of raising funds from the start of the project to the receipt of funding. Consulting on possible measures of state support and preferential lending programs.
Structuring, preparation of documents and support for attracting debt financing in banks, for obtaining a guarantee from the MSP Corporation, for attracting equity or credit financing in FRP, FRM and other investors.

Financial and technical audit

Financial and technical auditing and supervision over the implementation of investment projects in various industries, when attracting debt financing from funds and banks, includes: analysis of the completeness and quality of initial permits, executive and design estimates; analysis of the reliability of determining the estimated cost of construction; analysis of the construction schedule, reasons for deviations from the deadlines, development of measures to eliminate delays; assessment of the quality, volume and cost of work, etc.

Financial and tax Due Diligence

During the service financial Due Diligence we determine the key indicators of the company's financial performance, assess future prospects, subject to compliance with certain norms and the existing market conditions. Tax Due Diligence allows you to understand and plan in advance what taxes the company is currently paying, how much will have to be paid in the future, is it possible to reduce the tax burden.

Website development

We do not create standard sites! Generally! We will make you more than just a website! Our sites are business tools, not just code. We create only unique sites that bring you profit! We will create the correct image for your company. A selling website with a unique design will help your business grow, increase the flow of leads and conversion. We spend many hours on marketing research, market research, target audience and unique selling propositions.

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